Miscellaneous Information:
Jean is married to Billy D. Shepard, Pastor of Marsh Road Baptist Church, Woodbridge, VA, where she is Director of Faith Ministries, Bible Teacher for Senior High Girls, Women's Bible Study Leader and co-leader of the Senior's Ministry with her husband. She is also the author of "Worthy To Be Loved", a Bible teaching program on Biblical Self-Esteem which she has taught in the US and Australia.   Jean has a BA degree in Christian Education and working on her Masters. She has led conferences, Bible Studies and retreats in CA, NM, VA and several foreign countries on Discipleship, Marriage and Family Relations, Overcoming Grief and much more with the CA SBC and the SBC. Jean worked with the "Healing of a Woman's Heart" Conferences in CA for five years. In 2007 she planned and began the VA conferences with the help of a marvelous team of women brought together by our wonderful Lord.

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