Dear People of MRBC.

During this difficult time, we have made the following decisions in regards to services at MRBC:

We are canceling Sunday school classes for a couple of weeks and then decide if we can return to having our classes. No SS classes for the next two Sundays.

As to our worship hour, we will live stream the messages each Sunday morning at 11:00AM. Click the Facebook link in the header above to follow.

Church doors will be open and you are welcome to come, if you wish, and if you are not ill. We realize many of our people have low immune systems and therefore should not come. We do ask that you would restrain from bodily contact with others, no hand shaking, hugging, etc. if you come. Since attendance will be low, there will be plenty of room to separate yourself from others, if that makes you more comfortable. If you choose not to come, that is fine, and no one will think less of you. It does not mean your faith is weak; it simply means you believe it is better for you to remain in and away from crowds.

We will dismiss Wednesday evening services for the next two Wednesday evenings, and then re-evaluate.

Please be mindful that the expenses of our church continues regardless of whether you are present or not, and whether we have services or not. Therefore, we ask that you send your tithe to the church or, if you have a key, drop it off or call your pastor to see if he is available to receive it.

We trust all understand this decision for this present time. We will revisit and update before Sunday, April 5, as to what we will do.

If anyone needs something we can provide, such as errands, picking up food, or whatever, just call.

Your pastor & wife are here to help however we can.

We have 112 guests and no members online